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Purchase craft beer by volume

Dine in


Bottle sales

A two-minute walk from Ebisu Station in Tokyo

It's a self-service beer station, pour your favorite beer as much as you want

The CO2/N2 ratio is carefully controlled for each beer to maintain optimal forming of bubbles

15 taps of Japanese beer brands + more than 40 kinds of overseas brands stocked every day

Bar space is available in the shop



Reveive a glass and POUR card from shop staff.

*Your purchase will be recorded on your POUR card, please keep it safe until you make a payment.


Rinse your glass thoroughly with the rinser.

*This is important to avoid foaming issues.


Place the POUR card on the panel of the beer you chose to unlock the tap.

*Pricing varies depending on the type of beer. Ask our staff for details.


Fill your glass as you like. The price will be shown on the screen.

*Beer is charged in units of 0.1oz.


Give your POUR card to a shop staff to pay.

*Enjoy the fantastically formed beer bubbles created by the customized CO2+N2 according to each beer.


Ebisu MF Building 1F, 4-6-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours

Mon: 15:00-24:00

Tue: 15:00-24:00

Wed: 15:00-24:00

Thu: 15:00-24:00

Fri: 15:00-24:00

Sat: 15:00-24:00

Sun: 15:00-24:00

Shop info

Year-end and New Year holidays Dec29 to Jan3 close

Number of seats

Counter seat: 12

Bar table for 4: 3

Bench: 8

Max capacity

50 guests


We don't serve food.

BYO food is welcome. Please take your rubbish with you.


TAP & TUMBLER Ebisu store Booking Form

・Please fill out all mandartory fields. We may contact you if inadequate information is provided.

・Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to make changes or to cancel your booking.

Thank you for sending


We are a privatetly owned company specialized in trading craft beer.

In the hope of establishing our own brewery where we can "only brew beer we love",

we are now rectuiting new members.

All we require is the spirit of hospitality regardless of nationality, gender, appearance, or experience. We will entrust various roles to you according to your skills.

Just remember, "making customers happy" will be your main task.

If you love beer or meeting people, come and join us!

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