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General Manager


We are a privatetly owned company specialized in trading craft beer.

In the hope of establishing our own brewery where we can "only brew beer we love",

we are now rectuiting new members.

All we require is the spirit of hospitality regardless of nationality, gender, appearance, or experience. We will entrust various roles to you according to your skills.

Just remember, "making customers happy" will be your main task.

If you love beer or meeting people, come and join us!


  • Passionate about craft beer

  • 20 years or older

  • Able to go home by yourself after the last train (on foot, bicycle, etc.)

  • English conversation skills (not mandatory)

  • Japanese conversation/reading skills

  • All nationality, gender, fashion preference, hair style welcome!

  • 14:30 to close


【Salary/benefits】Base salary ¥300,000, Flextime, Social insurance, Employment insurance, Travel expense coverage, Employee discount, End-of-year bonus

【Bonus/perks】Manger allowance starting from ¥100,000, Monthly incentive reward (all shops), End-of-year bonus, Business trip allowance, Allowance for shop research

【Responsibilities】Operation of all shops, Supervising shop managers, Marketing, Merchandise development, Annual reporting

【Work type】Permanent full time/Subcontract (subcontractor's social/employment insurance is to be discussed)


Learn bar operation

  • Learn about craft beer

  • Salary/benefit will be upgraded according to your performance

  • Free to challenge whatever you want to try in relation to craft beer

  • An environment where you can challenge anything related to craft beer

Selection process

  1. Click the button below to apply 

  2. Assessment of the application form and interview (Please hand in your CV on the interview day)

  3. You will become a permanent employee after a trial period (part-time employment)

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